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The candidate

Marc Rovira


Carlos Carrizosa

The time for the Ciudadanos’ plumber has come

Carlos Carrizosa (1964, Barcelona) made his debut as a Ciudadanos candidate through a discreet press release sent on the night of August 19, when most of his potential voters were on holidays. An emergency solution to the crisis of leadership, implementation and message that the new government of Inés Arrimadas was facing at that time. An organic decision that was not decided through primaries. The eternal plumber of Cs made his way through the chain of command without glamor, or consensus, or the magnetism of his predecessors, but with a mission: to roll up his sleeves and face a campaign with the certainty of an assured failure. An emphatic anti-independence movement politician, Carrizosa brought his long experience as a criminal lawyer to the Parliament - he entered as an MP for the first time in 2012 - where he has often turned the political debate into litigation. With the same insistence with which he takes off and puts his glasses on in plenary sessions, he forced retreats and meetings of the table and the Board of Spokespersons in the full marathon of September 6 and 7, 2017. This was a key moment in his personal career, since it placed him on the map of constitutionalism after years of working in the shadows, building from various positions in the government the praetorian guard that has defended from internal criticism of "Caesarism." “He very much believes in the principles of the party”, his right hand in Parliament, Joan García, promises. That is why Carrizosa, who has been a member of Cs since the party was born, seeks direct confrontation with his rivals. His harsh and implacable tone has made him a hero for the fieriest unionism, but also the perfect independence movement comic book supervillain - one of his hobbies outside of politics. This character without nuances is blurred in the short distances, where he turns into a fan of navigation, Greek mythology and the history of Rome. He displayed his references in one of the tensest general council meetings of Ciudadanos, when the party was plunged into a Cainite struggle shortly after the resignation of Albert Rivera, in an intervention published by Eldiario.es. "We are the ones who are united, and the Romans are out there", he warned: "We will not open up because the media are willing to take our guts and hurt us”. With a meager hope of cushioning the expected crash in the polls, the former supporting actor takes a step forward on these 14-F elections.

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The list


Journalist and writer, chaired the Catalan Civil Society (SCC) in Madrid until she signed for Ciudadanos last December.

Journalist, political scientist and associate professor at the Abat Oliba University - CEU. Cs signed him as an independent for 21-D, but he has been gaining party strength. In September he became part of the regional leadership of the party as head of communication.

Civil Engineer, was part of the ADIF management. She entered Parliament for the first time in 2015. Inés Arrimadas appointed her secretary general of the party in the State after the resignation of Albert Rivera.

He has been an MP since 2015. In the last legislature he has had an important role as second vice president of the table. Close to Carrizosa, he is in charge of the institutional action of the party. He has studies in geography.

She has been an MP since 2015. She was the coordinator of the party in l’Hospitalet and general counsel of Cs. She has been part of the party since 2007.

He has been a councillor in Premià since 2015 and a member of the Maresme county council. In the 2017 elections, he was elected MP and has been the spokesperson for the economy commission.

Founding partner of Societat Civil Catalana (SCC). She was a councillor of the Barcelona City Council and a provincial deputy of the Barcelona Provincial Council (2015). She entered Parliament in 2015, giving up her positions in the consistory. She has a doctorate in Hispanic Philology and is a teacher by trade, she has been deputy spokesperson and Education spokesperson for Cs in the Catalan chamber.

Graduated in business administration and management and in market research and techniques, he joined Cs in 2013. He has been a councillor in Santa Coloma de Gramenet since 2015, and an MP since 2018. He is part of the institutional action structure of Cs since 2016 and of the general council of Cs since 2017.

She is a councillor for the municipal group in the Terrassa City Council and councillor for Cs in the Vallès Occidental county council. She joined in 2017, and the party defines her as a liberal feminist. Graduated in law and business administration and management, the party has opted for her profile, placing her high on the list.