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The candidate

Francesc Melcion


Dolors Sabater

The Badalona “truck girl”

With no previous political experience, the head of the CUP list became mayor of Badalona in 2015. Although she landed in the institutions at the age of almost 55, she has had a long career as an activist on the streets, even before she came of age. Born into a family of workers and fishermen in 1960, the influence of her father, who used to remind his five children that "in a democracy there are no subjects, but citizens", had a notable influence on her thinking. Her political education was shaped by communists and anarchists, but without joining any party, and after Franco's death she was already participating in the Casal de la Pau in Barcelona in the actions of the pacifist movement, one of the milieus that had most influenced her ideology. In fact, among the circle of objectors in the 1970s, she was known as "the Badalona truck girl" because, having just got her driving licence, she often drove her father's company truck for the Conscientious Objectors Movement (MOC) in an environment in which women's presence was minimal. She drove the lorry in the first Barcelona Carnival parades as an anti-militarist float. Also on the day of the coup d'état of 23-F 1981, when she fled with a few other comrades after collecting all the files from the Casa de la Pau for fear that the objectors would be the first to suffer reprisals. Her life trajectory was also marked by her family. Sabater's older brother was born in 1957 with a very serious disability and the efforts she saw at home to give him a dignified life meant that he graduated in special education and has collaborated with different organisations in the sector. In 2003 her younger brother suffered a stroke that left him in a wheelchair and she took charge of him. In fact, if her brother had not died half a year before the municipal elections of 2015, Sabater would not have accepted to lead the coalition that took the mayoralty from the PP against the odds and would have continued as a teacher in a secondary school in Llefià. After losing the mayoralty in 2018 due to a PSC motion of censure and twice failing to return due to disagreement between the left-wing forces, Sabater took advantage of the offer she received from CUP, the party she feels closest to, to make a counter-proposal that involved setting up "a broad and plural space", which has resulted in the coalition she will now lead. This time, the negotiations, which were not free of tension and give-and-take, have come to a successful conclusion.

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The list


In the Parliamentary elections of 2015 he was number 11 on the list for Barcelona and was elected MP in 2016 to replace Pilar Castillejo. He was the head of the CUP list in 2017 and was elected MP.

She is a former MP of the Parliament of Catalonia. She was an MP until October 2017, when she resigned to focus on being a councillor for the Barcelona City Council, replacing Josep Garganté.

In 2017 he was number 45 of the CUP in Barcelona. During 2015 he was part of the Crida delegation for Sabadell that negotiated the formation of the municipal government: first they formed the municipal government with ERC, and later, a quadripartite was established with those close to the comunes.

CUP councillor in the Moià Town Council, where she was the head of the list, although in January she left the position for renewal. She runs the Afrofèmines collective at the state level.

He was mayor of Cerdanyola del Vallès from 2015 to 2019. He started in Cerdanyola as a member of Esquerra Unida i Alternativa (EUiA). Afterwards he participated in the creation of the left-wing coalition Compromís per Cerdanyola (CxC), integrated within the Candidatures Alternatives del Vallès.

She has participated in movements such as Solidaritat Antirepressiva de Terrassa. She headed the CUP lists in the Terrassa City Council in the 2015 local elections and was elected councillor. She was later elected as an MP in the 2017 Parliamentary elections.

He has coordinated the national work group of the CUP territory and is a member of the Observatori Crític del Canvi Climpatic (Critical Observatory for Climate Change).

She was the spokesperson for the leftist pro-independence youth organisation Arran, which is CUP's youth wing.

Councillor of the Sant Martí district.