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Xavier Bertral


Pere Aragonès

Pere Aragonès, the precocious candidate

There are at least two Pere Aragonès. One who acts as vice-president, more cautious, reserved and careful with every word so as not to get into too much trouble, and one who acts as ERC's national coordinator and candidate for 14-F, flashier - witness the rallies -, spontaneous and uninhibited. Political rivals will try to pin the label of lack of charisma on the former. The latter will have the responsibility during the campaign to return the party to where it has longed to be since the 1930s: the presidency of the Generalitat. And with an added historical weight: a certain widespread feeling that it could be now or never. Aragonès (Pineda de Mar, 1982) is above all a precocious politician. At 21 he was already in the party leadership, at 24 a member of parliament and at 35 a Catalan minister. Now, at 38, the polls say he could be president, the youngest since the restoration of the Generalitat. Among his advantages, therefore, is the fact that he knows almost every corner of political power, both organic and institutional. Also, being able to claim pro-independence credentials from the cradle, illustrated by the anecdote of the amateur party he set up with his friends in the village when he was 12 years old: the Joventut Independentista de Catalunya (Independent Youth of Catalonia). On the list of cons, the absence of a previous career in the private sector. A law graduate, son and grandson of businessmen and more of a Keynesian than a Marxist, he has been in charge of giving voice and face to the most pragmatic version of Esquerra, the one that keeps independence in mind, but does not set deadlines and defends dialogue with the State while widening the base. Married with a young daughter, when he can have a relaxed conversation he talks about Pineda, his hometown, and cooking. When the agenda allows it, he relaxes in the kitchen at home, a tribute to his grandmother Maria Teresa. As explained in the book Pere Aragonès, l'independentisme pragmàtic (Pòrtic), his life changed forever one afternoon in January 2018 in the prison of Estremera. In the visiting room, the party president, Oriol Junqueras, told him: "If something happens to her - in reference to the party's secretary general, Marta Rovira - it's your turn". Junqueras is still behind bars and Rovira is in exile in Switzerland. Two years after that day, now more than ever, it is his turn.

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The list


She has a degree in political science. She was mayor of Santpedor (2003-2015), member of Parliament (2006-2011) and Government delegate in Central Catalonia (2016-2017).

Speaker of the Parliament of Catalonia since January 2018. He has been a Member of Parliament since 2012. He was Mayor of Sarrià de Ter between 2007 and 2018.

She was an employment and training technician at El Masnou Town Council. She occupied the tenth position in the ERC candidacy in 2017 and has been an MP since.

He was secretary general of the Vice-Presidency and of Economy and Finance in Carles Puigdemont's government. He is the president of the ERC national council.

Member of Parliament since 2012 and Catalan Minister of Health since May 2018.

Former Minister of Education of the Government of Catalonia (2006-2010) and Minister of Foreign Action, Institutional Relations and Transparency (2018). He is the leader of ERC in Barcelona City Council and was a militant and founder of the Socialist Party of Catalonia.

Former Barcelona City councillor, former senator and former member of the Spanish Parliament for ERC. Catalan Minister of Justice since May 2018.

Catalan Minister of Labour, Social Affairs and Family Affairs since May 2018.

She is an author and has been a member of Parliament since 2017.