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Laura Borràs

The “daughter of the referendum's” latest leap

Laura Borràs (Barcelona, 1970) defines herself as a daughter of the 1st of October Referendum in her latest book - she has written more than a dozen - but the truth is that her political career began before. Ferran Mascarell called her to his office in 2012, when he was Minister of Culture in the government of Artur Mas, and decided to hire a philologist specialising in comparative literature to lead the Institució de les Lletres Catalanes (ILC). Borràs landed as director general in the administration after a career as a professor at the University of Barcelona. There she taught as if there were no tomorrow, transmitting "passion" - in the words of one of her students - about the theory of literature. That day Mascarell predicted the future. "Someday this office will be yours", he told her. He was referring to the office of the Conselleria de Cultura, where she would arrive six years later, in 2018, under Quim Torra. At that time, she had already said yes to former president Carles Puigdemont to join his list for the 21-D elections and, at that moment, she jumped to the political front line. From MP to councillor, and from councillor to leader of the party in the Spanish parliament, at the explicit request of Jordi Sànchez, who also convinced her to form part of the leadership of the Crida. Since then, her political weight has increased: from being a member of Quim Torra's closest entourage - the so-called war room - to sweeping the JxCat primaries ahead of her former government colleague Damià Calvet. Now the office she wants to occupy is that of the presidency of the Generalitat, she wants to be the first woman in history to do so. Her leadership -which within the party is already recognised as autonomous beyond Puigdemont- however, has weak points: the Supreme Court is investigating her for alleged irregular contracting during her time at the Institució de les Lletres Catalanes. A fact that could end up truncating her political career.

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130th president of the Generalitat de Catalunya, currently in exile in Belgium due to his part in the Catalan Independence referendum. A journalist by profession, he was director of the Agència Catalana de Notícies (Catalan News Agency) in its early days. A CDC militant since 1983, in 2006 he was elected as a member of Parliament for CiU and in 2011 he became mayor of Girona. Four years later he became president of the Associació de Municipis per la Independència (Association of Municipalities for Independence) and on 10 January 2016 he was sworn in as president after Artur Mas stepped aside to obtain CUP's support

Until now at the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce. Industrial engineer and businessman, he was co-founder of the Cercle Català de Negocis.

Current Barcelona city councillor and spokesperson for JxCat. She was Minister of the Presidency (2018- 2019) after intermediate positions in the Generalitat in the economic area. She holds a PhD in economics from Harvard.

Hitherto JxCat member of Spanish Parliament for the Girona constituency. Lawyer by profession.

Minister of the Presidency and spokesperson of the Government since 2019. Graduate in pharmacy, she was mayoress of La Garriga and also vice-president of the Diputació de Barcelona.

He has been the Minister for Digital Policies and Public Administration of the Government since 2018. An ICT engineer by profession, he entered institutional politics in 2005 at Sant Cugat Town Council and from 2013 he took on responsibilities in the Generalitat in the field of telecommunications.

Mayor of Vic, first for CiU (2015) and then for JxCat. She has also been a member of Parliament since 2018. A teacher by profession, she is vice-president of JxCat.

He was Catalan Minister of Culture in 2017 and is currently in exile due to his role in the Catalan Independence referendum. Specialises in popular culture.

She is a historian and has been a member of Parliament since 2018.