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Alejandro Fernández

Seeking visibility to relaunch the PP

Alejandro Fernández took the reins of the PP just over two years ago, when the party's four deputies in Parliament could all fit "in a taxi", as he himself often jokes. Irony and his oratory skills are two of his qualities acknowledged even by his political rivals and which he has displayed in Parliament, where he has even sung some Manolo Escobar from the lectern. This, however, has not, for the moment, allowed him to improve his notoriety indexes. In this sense, the PP candidate has a problem because, according to the latest CEO poll, only 40% of those surveyed know him. The percentage, however, has increased compared to a few months ago among PP voters and now 70% know who he is. His career in the party is long, although until a few years ago he had always been in the background. Without making much noise, he waited for his moment. And it was when Pablo Casado won the PP primaries that Alejandro Fernández's path to lead the party in Catalonia was cleared. It did not take him long to position himself and, with the backing of the state leader, he was unrivalled and took over the leadership of the party in a placid congress, but with the party at its lowest point. In addition to presiding over Nuevas Generaciones (the PP's youth wing) for some time, what Alejandro Fernández likes to remember most is his political career in the city council of Tarragona, his hometown. In fact, Tarragona is one of his greatest prides. So much so that he even refused to change his Twitter username, where the letters standing for Tarragona appear, when he took over the presidency of the PP. "I am from Tarragona", he replied when his inner circle suggested he change it. And the username is still @alejandroTGN. The 14 February elections are the first elections in which he will head a PP list, after two years and four elections of watching from the wings. His belligerence towards the independence movement has waxed and waned, always in tow of what the PP headquarters in Madrid dictated. For some months now, he has been talking about "concord" and "coexistence", but always within the current regulatory framework, without making any concessions to independence and trying to present the PP as the only alternative for constitutionalism to regroup. The pandemic has led Alejandro Fernández to launch into his authentic liberal-conservative discourse on economic matters, where he feels truly comfortable. His role models are Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. And when asked about his vocation, he has no doubt: politics.

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The list


Lawyer. She has been an MP for Cs and a senator between 2018 and 2020. On December 30, after the leadership of Cs separated her from the candidacy for the presidency of the Generalitat despite having won the primaries, she left the formation and joined the PP.

Lawyer. She is the spokesperson for the municipal group Barcelona por el Cambio (Barcelona for Change) in the Barcelona City Council, and the party's general secretary.

Lawyer. He was an MP in the Spanish Parliament until 2015 and an MP in the Catalan one during the last legislature. He is secretary general of PP Catalunya, although at this point he has withdrawn from his duties because he is being investigated for an alleged sexual assault on a colleague from the party.

Lawyer. He is the chief of staff for the presidency of the PP Catalunya.

Industrial and telecommunications technical engineer and graduate in business administration and management. Since 2003 he has been an MP in the Catalan Parliament, where he has been a spokesman for the PP. He was also the general secretary of the PP during Xavier García Albiol's time as party president.

Political scientist. He was an MP from 2011 to 2017. He has been deputy secretary for Studies and Programs of the PP in Catalonia since 2015, when he replaced Andrea Levy.

Lawyer and economist. He was mayor of Castelldefels between 2011 and 2015. He has been a spokesperson in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area and a councillor in the Baix Llobregat district council. He has been an MP on two occasions: from 2012 to 2015 and since October 2020, replacing Esperanza García.

She is part of the steering committee of the PP in Catalonia. She is a former councillor of the PP of Badalona.

She became known in a television appearance when she showed her anger with the Catalan independence bid. She is affiliated with the PP. She worked at the Barcelona City Council for Alberto Fernández Díaz. Ciudadanos, Vox and PP claimed her.